:: What is FBSL ? ::

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:: What is FBSL ? ::

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Welcome aboard!

What is FBSL ?

- At first FBSL means 'Freestyle Basic Script Language'.
Like any other Basic language, FBSL has its flavours, inspired of VB, QB, RQ, Pascal and C. It is a sort of hybrid language, that's why 'freestyle'.

Yes, but why another language ?

- All started in year 2001...
FBSL was initially developped as a tool that was used exclusively by myself when i was working for a big company where i was responsible for developping 30 masters in several languages ( english, french, hebrew, chineese, ... ).
At this time i was using batch programming to dispatch files, but it was not totally sure we've missed files/directories, checking disk and so on was hard using this kind of scripting...
So i've made several tools in C to satisfy the demand...
Yes, but finally i had several executables onto the server that the idea came to me : making a scripting pseudo language to qualify the dispatch : FBSL 0.1 was born with 15 native commands :)
And then i've decided to share it to the web community to see if people would be interested in this pseudo language that was very light... and it has found users!
That's why another language : a script that was able to respond to specific tasks that were not natively present onto Batch programming script...

- What FBSL is capable of ?

FBSL is capable of manipulating :
-1- 5 variables types : 32bits integers, 32bits floats, 64bits doubles, strings and pointers.
-3- is able to 'self compile' into an EXEcutable that is 100% autonomous ( no extra runtime to run the code)
-4- is able to 'self decompile' an EXE into an .fbs script file/buffer
-5- has a 3rd part Stdcall flat model DLL to make C, VB, Delphi developpers using this dll to use some FBSL code through their applications.
-6- a 460 page CHM help file that comes with grammar documentation + samples, several tutorials, macro files, declare files, constants files and more!

So ?

- So, give it a try, FBSL is made for you ;)

Enjoy FBSL v3!

(¯`·._.·[Gerome GUILLEMIN]·._.·´¯)
:: Full SETUP w. HELP 05th of December 2011 ::
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