Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

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Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

Unread postby Mike Lobanovsky » Sat Mar 08, 2014 9:58 am

My dear friends,

Despite my having been a resident of the Republic of Belarus for over 40 years, I am a Ukrainian by my origin and blood. And the great and world-renowned person whose innumerous pictures and references you can find while googling for my own name on the net is actually my uncle:


The Muscovite Federation has unleashed a military campaign against my Motherland. The Russian troops have seised the Crimean Peninsula which is an indispensable part of sovereign Ukrainian territory in the Black Sea basin. The Muscovite boots are stomping on my childhood playgrounds and sandboxes, and the Muscovite dicks are leaking into the waters of the sea I used to swim in. There are over 30,000 Muscovite troops throughout the entire peninsula and their numbers are growing with every passing day and night.

Image Image Image

They are encircling the Ukrainian army units demanding to surrender without fight. They have forcibly imposed their own illegitimate "government" in the Crimea while Putin's puppet "senate" is rushing on to cook "legislative acts" to justify an unlawful annexation of "Crimean Republic" into the Muscovite Federation. Doesn't all that remind you of the Anschluss in the year 1938?


You can find thousands more visuals on the net depicting the invasion in every detail. Do not watch the Goebbels Muscovite TV! Do not read their propaganda! They are liars! All this is downright bullshit to fool their own population into a war against their brethren that have just liberated themselves from their former corrupted presidential mafia!!!

This isn't going to be just another Chechnya or North Osetiya or even Syria. Ukraine has the second largest army in Europe after the Muscovite army itself! And it is armed to the teeth almost as heavily as its Muscovite enemy!

Thanks Lord, there has not yet been a single gunshot from either side, only army knifings and rubber truncheonings. The Muscovites are only waiting for a "provocation" while Ukraine is still seeking a political solution to the crisis. The US marine forces and fleet are entering the Black Sea and Turkey has already announced it won't leave alone the 300,000 Crimean Tartars that are strongly against any sort of Muscovite umbrella. The entire Crimean Tartar people was deported to Siberia by Stalin and it's been less than 20 years only since they returned to their homeland. They all consider themseves strictly Ukrainian citizens and they are strongly against being occupied, let alone annexated, by the Muscovites again.

The place I'm living in now is only some 30 miles away from the Ukrainian state border. The "Republic" of Belarusian Dictatorship and the Muscovite Federation have an allied, actually a common, army and it goes without doubt my sons will be drafted into the army and sent to war against their kin as soon as that son-of-a-bitch Putin/Putler takes his first shot.

My mother tongue is Russian though I can still speak Ukrainian fluently too. But I can't call Putin a Russian and I can't call his chauvinistic empire a "Russian" Federation. They are a blood-thirsty dirty Genghis Khan horde. They are not my brothers any more and they are not Russians, not even Slavs - they are doghead baboons.

I'm telling you all this to notify you that these unfortunate developments may have, and are already having, a drastic impact on my ability to follow my FBSL roadmap for the year 2014. Yet I believe that you will understand and probably share my motivations and feelings about the current state of affairs in Eastern Europe in general, and in my Motherland, in particular. I am truly sorry my personal matters are affecting FBSL so seriously.

Please read and repost this message, of course if that goes well with your own attitudes and if you have such an opportunity. Thank you.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!
"Я старый солдат, мадам, и не знаю слов любви."
"I am an old soldier, ma'am, and I don't know the words of love."
"Je suis un vieux soldat, madame, et je ne connais pas les mots d'amour."
"Ich bin ein alter Soldat, gnädige Frau, und ich weiß nicht die Worte der Liebe."

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