Kaspersky Compatibility Issues

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Kaspersky Compatibility Issues

Unread postby Mike Lobanovsky » Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:04 am

An initial attempt made by an unknown application to call the "load" method of a COM object with an Internet url supplied as its parameter will trigger a "green" (informational) KAV alarm to signal the application's allegedly suspicious behavior. This can be overridden only by adjusting KAV's settings with respect to selected applications in the manner described below. The suggested approach does not totally disengage the KAV heuristics engine keeping your computers well-protected against possibly suspicious behavior of programs which you don't yet trust as known-good.

The following procedure applies to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 but should be similar to all Kaspersky antiviral packages. It preserves KAV's heuristics with respect to other applications thus minimizing the danger of accidental Trojans, spiders, and worms.

1. Go to KAV's main window and click "Settings->Options\Threats and exclusions->Exclusions\Settings..." in succession.

2. In the "Trusted zone" window that appears on doing that, select the "Trusted applications" tab.

3. Click "Add\Browse..." to bring up a standard "Open" dialog box.

4. Select the path to your actual copy of Fbsl.exe binary that you are using to run your Fbsl scripts and click the "Open" button. The "Freestyle Basic Script Language" application will be added to the "Trusted application" list.

5. Double click on this entry to bring up the "Exclusions for application" dialog window (or it may pop up for you automatically) and check the "Exclusions:\Do not monitor application activity" box then click "OK".

6. Repeat steps 3 thru 5 for your copy of Fbsl_Tiny.exe binary.

7. Click "OK" in the "Trusted zone" window and then click "OK" or "Apply" in the KAV "Settings" window.

Your KAV is now configured to trust your Fbsl.exe and Fbsl_Tiny.exe's activities as known-good and will check them against its heuristic behavioral database no more.

The trustworthiness of Fbsl binaries has been proven with time and is ensured by regular checks against the best antiviral software packages available on the market (Re: Anti-Viral Tests).

It does solve false alarm problems for uncompiled Fbsl scripts but it doesn't however make your KAV let your scripts compiled into Fbsl executables alone. Every such application is regarded by KAV as an unique process with its own name and application path. Therefore the above procedure will have to be followed again for each such application should Kaspersky display any false alarms as the application runs.


1. Please beware of any compiled executables you load from the Internet, and especially so if their origin and/or authorship is/are not clearly identified or their content is crypted making their sources inaccessible for examination against possible malitiousness!

2. Certain sites are known to disseminate computer virii written in Fbsl v3!

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