Tips for Successful Registration

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Tips for Successful Registration

Unread postby Mike Lobanovsky » Tue Nov 08, 2011 3:20 am

Dear guests,

This forum is Mr.Gerome GUILLEMIN's private property and it is primarily intended to provide means of communication between those who are interested in developing their software using Freestyle BASIC Script Language.

While many other BASIC forums require that their applicants register under their given names and last names, and we understand this requirement and find it reasonable enough, however we do not impose it on you. You may register under any name you like as long as it doesn't interfere with anyone or anything at this well-established forum.

In order to make your registration as quick and easy, and your stay with this forum community as pleasant as possible, please consider the following few tips:

1. Try to avoid using names that may provoke any doubt on behalf of the site Administration as to whether they have been well-considered rather than auto-generated by a potential spambot. Obviously enough, registration attempts from a clearly traceable .CN domain under the nick of "xingxing123abc" with an allegedly personal e-mail address at "" will be 100 per cent rejected.

2. Try to avoid registering from trash mailbox domains that are known-untrusted, or blacklisted by the site software, or untraceable, or anonymous as your application will be 100 per cent rejected. We safeguard our integrity just as much as you safeguard your anonymity.

3. When registering from trusted domains, please be considerate about other community members and try to make your intentions as univocal as possible. For example, registering from an address of "" can hardly characterise the applicant as a future permanent forum resident rather than as a panting harrier in pursuit of goals unknown, irrelevant, and/or off-topic for the rest of community here. We are not after any particular showings in our Members Total counter - the quality of intercommunication is of much higher value than any dead figures however impressive they might be.

4. Once registered successfully, please try to start with a short "Hello world!" intro in the Self-Presentation Section. We welcome newcomers and we are always glad to meet new people with fresh and original ideas.

We regret to mention it but a slightest suspicion as to whether the application form has been auto-broadcast, or is aimed at spamming, trolling, or flooding this forum with matters beyond the scope of its declared interests or intended purposes, will lead to immediate and irreversible closure of the account and banning of the account owner from the forum.

Major domains currently blacklisted on this site due to uncontrollable spambot activities are:

  • entire .ru domain
Once registered, an applicant's account will be activated only after having been reviewed by the site Administration. This procedure may take up to 48 hours to accomplish.

We rely on your understanding of our motivations intended only to further safeguard our valuable and respectful community against the darker manifestations of worldwide web today.

Site Administration/FBSL Development Team
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