First Judge "How Nice" Then Judge "How Wise"

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First Judge "How Nice" Then Judge "How Wise"

Unread postby Mike Lobanovsky » Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:22 am

There's a hell of a lot of lamers on the net giving free advice to one another while in fact not knowing their ass from their elbow.

Seems like if you want to pass for a geek or a guru, you need only to remember to bluntly mis-spell "the" as "teh" and "length" as "lenght", and of course you shouldn't forget to call your "info" "infos", and you "code", "codes".

When I see a blurb that contains such trash, I never even bother to look through the shitcode that follows.
"Я старый солдат, мадам, и не знаю слов любви."
"I am an old soldier, ma'am, and I don't know the words of love."
"Je suis un vieux soldat, madame, et je ne connais pas les mots d'amour."
"Ich bin ein alter Soldat, gnädige Frau, und ich weiß nicht die Worte der Liebe."

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