Doc Writer / Code Trimmer Help Wanted!

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Doc Writer / Code Trimmer Help Wanted!

Unread postby Mike Lobanovsky » Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:04 am

Dear FBSL devs and users,

Much of the FBSL code base and documentation is spectacular and instructive but poorly presented and sometimes illegible.

If any of you are able to contribute to making the FBSL code and documentation base more attractive, please use this forum section for doing so.

Each code snippet/project/document should occupy its own thread. Please stick to this rule in order not to pollute the section with sibling threads. This will keep the section tidy and this will also ensure that ALL of the related material can be found in one and the same thread.

Thank you all in advance,

Mike LOBANOVSKY on behalf of the FBSL Dev Team
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